Pre Marital Sex

Topics: Marriage, Sexual intercourse, Curiosity Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Premarital sex is sexual relationship between people who are unmarried. Even though premarital sex is illegal, it is still being practiced by some teenagers and students. There are frequent news on the newspaper and media’s of teenagers being caught of sexual activity.Premarital sex is one of the issues students encountered here in STI College Cubao. And there are some reasons why student practice premarital sex. First from the gossips of classmate or friends, second influencing a friend to watch x-rated movies, third friends telling other friends what is their experience in practicing premarital sex that could open their minds to involve their self in the situation because of being curious. And there are some scenarios that the student could involve their self in premarital sex. One example is that one of the students watched pornographic videos from the internet, and because of curiosity this student voluntarily practices premarital sex.The question is that why does premarital sex exist from the internet, media, etc., is premarital sex part of being students or it just because of curiousity? There are many questions that still in our minds so to answer the questions why students practice premarital sex. The researcher decided to choose this topic because to know why they practice premarital sex, to know the causes and effect of premarital sex in their life, and because it is an issue of the environment that needed to pay attention by everyone, and as a teenager the researcher are also concern for the students health .
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