Comprehensive Sex Education

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Comprehensive Sex Education – An Unbiased Approach
Brandy Robbins
Post University

Comprehensive Sex Education – An Unbiased Approach
Concern for public health and safety have resulted in regulations of medical practices to standards of living enforced by social services and so on; sex education for today’s youth should be based on this same premise, to control the risks that are involved with the sexual activity of youth in the U.S. which are a potential threats to public health and safety. Among these concerns for youth who become sexually active outside of the context of marriage are the threat of STI’s and HIV and unwanted pregnancy. Looking at sex education from the perspective of public health and safety, it is clear that the most logical approach to effective sex education for today’s youth is the comprehensive approach which address several options for protecting oneself from the risks of sexual activity, as opposed to the abstinence only approach which has a biased “one solution for all” approach that does not address youth who are at a high risk for negative outcomes of sexual activity. Public Health and Safety Concerns

According to Collins, Alagiri, & Summers (2002), nearly four million youth will be infected with a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and there are approximately 10,000 new cases of HIV in individuals ages 22 and under each year (p.11). The numbers clearly show that some young Americans have had sex outside of the context of marriage and have done it unsafely or used protection incorrectly. It is a public health and safety concern to make sure that young Americans are not only educated about STI’s and HIV but that they are also taught how to properly protect themselves if they do engage in sexual activity.

Unwanted Teen Pregnancy
Another risk for young Americans who become sexually active without proper education is teen pregnancy. Teen pregnancy can cause emotional and physical stresses to the...
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