Sex Before Marrige

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Anthropology Paper

According to the history of the Navajo Tribe, the Holy People lived in the underworld and helped by guiding the First Man and First Woman to earth (McCoy 1988). The Holy People are said to be attracted to songs, dances, and chants during the ceremony along with the creation of Sandpainting. The Sandpainting is used in the healing process of the ceremony to draw a picture that tells a story of the Holy People. The Navajo culture have amazed so many people to how beautifully constructed the rituals are performed.  Although, the ritual has been passed on from generation to generation, how the Navajo rituals are ways of communication has been questioned by so many. Many believe that it way for the patient to come into “…harmony… ” with the universe (Klukhohn and Leighton 1962). The hypothesis for the question was presented based on exploration of the culture done by researchers; concluding that, the Navajo rituals are a way of communication to their ancestors/the Holy People, who are worshiped in return of good lucks for the Navajo Community. It is believed that through this ceremony, people are cleansed from bad spirit and good luck is brought upon the family. For example, the rituals are performed on pregnant women, young men going to the army, and sick people. Naturally speaking, the most intriguing part of their belief is the ceremonial concepts of healing people through the performance of these rituals.  BACKGROUND INFORMATION 

The Native Americans are known for being the first people on the land before the Europeans and Spanish came and invaded. Although, Native Americans are known for the different tribes, the paper will be focusing more on the Navajo Tribe also known as the largest Native American Society in the United States. The Navajos are located in the north region up by Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, etc. After the Spanish had settled into the Navajo society, there were some hostility taking place between the two groups and then came along the Americans who then demanded for the land. The Americans had invaded because of the tribal refusal to surrender the land, which was what led to the Long Walks. The Long Walk took place between 1863 and 1864; the goal of the walk to Bosque Redondo was to withdraw the Navajos from their land.  In order for the plan to go into action, on October 31, 1862, the establishment of the Fort Sumner was declared and war was made against the Mescalero Apache and Navajo Indian tribes (Robert 2004). As shown in figure 1, a 300 miles route was walked by children, women, and men for about two months. Once they reached the destination, an estimation of 200 people had died from starvation. A couple years later had gone by when the United States decided to introduce a treaty in1868 that allowed the Navajos to return to their homes also now called the reservations.  SCARED BELIEF 

Myths are of great importance in the Navajo community because it is believed that it was a way to connect to the Holy People. The myth helps recognize symbolized supernatural in chants, translates the meaning of songs, and explains the importance of the ritual objects (Lamphere 1969). For example, there is myth of the two heroes who had gone through some misfortunes but thanks to the supernatural’s aid, the two heroes created a ceremony in which their troubles would disappear. Songs also play a huge role in the rituals because in the lyrics are myths that are usually repeated throughout the ceremony. For instance, the Thunder Songs tell a story of visiting the sky, Buffalo Songs tells a story of trips that were taken with the Buffaloes, and the Sun Songs describes a myth of an incident that at occurred at the Sun’s home. In addition, the myth and the song clearly share a connection and together, they are believed to make the purpose of the ritual more effective.  RITUALS 

Navajos are characterized by their very complex system of ceremonials (Pierce 1992). The Navajo tribes, as a part of their...
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