Keeping Company Claire Kemp

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality Pages: 2 (847 words) Published: April 21, 2012
In our generation, sex is becoming a common action during our teenage period. the article is about how teen starting to get bored or not having desire during their sexual compliance. In this article, there’s study used both a diary in depth interview, research and procedure to know if the teens are having sex without desire by using as well as types of sexual activity, protection(condom), pleasure and feelings of pressure and control. In this research, they found out that most of the participants does not have pleasure while having sexual compliance because of tiredness and stressful, etc.

Theys examined the relation the types of activities that people do while having sex and sexual compliance that participants reported. They even measured perceved feelings of contrl over the pace of the encounter and expecteness of the sexual encounter to determine if either were related to sexual activity, pleasure and reports of conddom usee. This research extends by using a prospective diary method, as well as in-depth interviews too, to exasmine a greater détail about the charcteristicss of ocatios of compliant sexual activity. The research has 63 participants that has 31 men and 32 women enrolled at a collège in the new York city. Those who are recruited are asked to to distribut filters in classroom aross the campus and school. All the particiants are between 18 to 24 years old. They also ask question of their background like their age, ethnicity , country of origin, student status(full time or part time) and their urrent relationship and how long their Relationship last. 61% of the participants are U.S. mainlands, 19% of them are carribbeans, 16% of them are eurasia and only 3% were from south america. The participants ethnicities were 41.3% white, 22.3% latinos and only a little of 1.6% of asians. On a scale of ten, nine on ten of them are full time students. All the participants were in a commited, all of them already had sexual compliance. the average of their...
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