Practicum Report

Topics: Hamburger, Tomato sauce, Ketchup Pages: 18 (2239 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Mariners’ Polytechnic Colleges Foundation
Rawis, Legazpi City

Practicum Report

Submitted by:
Angeli A.

Submitted to:
Florivel D. Villacorta
Practicum Coordinator


About Establishment
a. History
b. Rules and Regulation
c. Standard Procedure
d. Forms Used
Duties and Responsibilities
Assigned Tasks



The On the Job Trainee wishes to express
her sincerest gratitude to Almighty God, for his divine guidance and protection and for blessing her good health, which made the realization of hergoal.
Mrs. Florivel Villacorta, In-charge of practicum, for giving the trainee a chance to undergo job training as a part of my study at Mariners’ Polytechnic Colleges Foundation.
To the Management and Staff of Biggs Restaurant for their invaluable assistance, advice and suggestions afforded to the trainee.
Mr. Reden Gatchalian, operations manager, for his
guidance and encouragement.
Maam Jessa and Maam Reina, store manager, for facilitating the schedule of the trainee. My co-on the job trainees, Micah, Peter, Jerlyn, Eric and Elaine. To my family, for moral, spritual and financial support, encouragement and understanding in pursuing the cource, without them this venture would not been realized.



This reports covers one aspects, the restaurant practicum at Bigg’s Diner, Embarcadero De Legazpi, Victory Village Legazpi City. The restaurant practicum covered a period of two hundred hours, afternoon duty from 2:00pm to 11:00pm.

Bigg’s Diner made their customer feel good and happy. All customers admired bigg’s diner for their easy and fast services.

A corticate of practicum completion was issued to me as proof of compliance with the practicum requirement to quality for a certificate in associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management course.

Embarcadero De Legazpi, Victory Village Legazpi City.

We serve good food, not fast food.”


It all started in 1983 when three enterprising ladies sharing a deep passion for great food wanted to give the food business a shot. They opened a take-out counter selling burgers and fries on January 18, 1983. The concept, a novelity at that time, instantly became a hit. Many will attest that Bigg’s is responsible for paving the way for multi-national chains entering Naga. Early in the 90s, Bigg’s changed its image to resemble the fun dining experience of an American Diner. The Diner motif immediately appealed to everyone making it the most successful restaurant in town. With this success, the partners were confident that they could replicate their profitable concept outside Naga. Bigg’s Diner Legazpi opened in 1996 and as expected, it was a Bigg hit. The rest, as the diche goes,is history.

Bigg’s is a social responsible and leading food service company having strong presence in major towns in the southern Luzon by 2013, delighting customers with its unique fast casual concept, innovative products and excellent service.

Build respect, open communication, and lasting relationship among stakeholders by providing reasonable opportunities and development through fair industry practices.

Exceeding customer expectations by delivering quality.
Innovative, affordable products and excellent quality
company-wide service beyond the boarders of self interest.

To be socially responsible and to serve the communities where bigg’s is operating. RULES AND REGULATIONS

1.All store personnel should wear the prescribed.
2.Standard uniform.
3.No store personnel shall be allowed to report for duty without a complete uniform. 4.Store...
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