Practicum Report

Topics: Bed, Skill, Public relations Pages: 4 (647 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Practicum Report
Century Park Hotel

Submitted By:

Nonato, Joicie A.

Submitted To:

Ms. Priscilla De Leon

Business Center


Business Center is the first department that I was assigned in. I have learned many things, like how to communicate with the guest and how to answer calls with courtesy.


Everything that I have learned and experienced in the Hotel changed my personality at some point. It will be useful to me when I start my career in the future.


I suggest adding more trainees will help in the efficiency and service of the Hotel.

Deli Snack


In Deli Snack Department, I have learned to familiarize with the different kind of breads, cookies, cakes etc. I also did inventory of the products.


Deli Snack is my favorite department that I was assigned in because of the friendly people whom I used to be with.


I have nothing to suggest in this department because they are doing very well.



In my one week stay at Receivables, I do printing the income statement and search the different kind of airlines. And I have learned how to file the papers in chronological order.

I enjoyed this department because my supervisor was very nice and friendly.

I have nothing to suggest in this department.

In Laundry department, I have learned how to socialize with my co-trainees. I have learned the process on how the bed sheets, pillow case and table napkins place in the big iron machine, I did folding the bed sheets coming from the hot big iron machine, and when the pillow case, bed sheets, and table napkins are still wet. I place it on the rolling garter or what ever...
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