Internership Report from the School of Finance and Banking

Topics: Tax, Employment, Taxation Pages: 38 (12093 words) Published: April 30, 2013

ACADEMIC YEAR: 2012-2013

Internship period: from: 13th february 2013 to 13th april 2013 Bachelor of Business Administration in: accounting department Name of Academic supervisor in field: DR.SHAIK NAGOOR MEERA


I would like to extend my sincere gratitude and heart-felt appreciation firstly, to my almighty God, to whom I owe my life, wisdom, and good faith in all my endeavors. I praise him for enabling me on my academic journey and carry out this academic training in particular. I also extend my gratitude to the management of the SCHOOL OF FINANCE AND BANKING for your academic inspiration and career building when they engage me through a series of academic training and practicing my abilities. I also indebted my gratitude to my family especially my lovely mum whose assistance in terms financial means, care, sacrifice and encouragement took me throughout the whole academic issues. I also extend my greater thanks to my friends, fellow students and colleagues. And finally to the management of GREEN HILLS ACADEMY that provided me the opportunity to conduct my internship in their institution. And I express my sincere gratitude to my field supervisor and the whole finance department for the support they did not cease to provide to me in acquiring practical and technical skills at working environment.

You really contributed a great role in my life.

God bless you abundantly!!!!


I BIMENYIMANA Simon Pierre, hereby undersigned, declare that, except otherwise indicated, this document is entirely my own work and has not been submitted to any other university or institution of higher learning. BIMENYIMANA Simon Pierre



This is to certify that BIMENYIMANA Simon Pierre, a student of SFB, Faculty of management, Department of ACCOUNTING, has completed his internship in Green Hills Academy, under supervision and guidance of Mr. NTEGO Parfait




GHA: green hills academy
RRA: Rwanda revenue authority
RSSB: Rwanda social security board
SSF: social security fund
IBO: International Baccalaureate Organization
BPR: banque populaire du Rwanda
SFB: School Of Finance and Banking.
PAYE: pay as you earn


Internship is an exercising opportunity given to all academies from around all universities and higher learning institutions in any given country, basically here in Rwanda student from around all universities must carry out their industrial training before the completion of the studies to practice theories that they learnt from classes so that they learn new working environment. The School of Finance Banking ( SFB) as one of the higher learning institutions also provides and enables their students to carry out their internship in various organizations around the country as a way to sustain them and equip them with practical knowledge about their career and future employment opportunities and specifically this regard to all fourth year students who are required to conduct the internship attachment and report thereafter. As one of fourth year student I was interested in obtaining the knowledge on the functioning and management of educational institution. That is why I conducted my internship In GREEN HILLS ACADEMY in their finance department for the period of two months. Where I have crossed various units made up finance department and the institution as whole. This internship report will cover two parts, including practical learning and problem analysis. In the first part which is practical learning the report will cover the full information about the institution in which the internship was carried out and basing on new...
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