Practical Health and Safety When with Children

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Safety equipment, Childhood Pages: 5 (1250 words) Published: November 1, 2012
1.1 Health and safety symbols on children’s toys and equipment’s

This symbol means that it’s not suitable for a child under the age of 3 years. Adults must supervise the child at all times so that a child does not choke on it due to small parts.

Warning In order to avoid danger of suffocation please make sure that bags and wrappers are kept far away from babies and young children at all times. Adults should keep the play area tidy and clean at all times so that babies and young children stay safe from harmful products and parts.

This symbol means that the toy meets the European Safety Standards. The symbol is used by the toy manufacturers to show that it meets the relevant consumer safety. This symbol means that it has been made by the member of the British Toy and Hobby Association for safe and quality toys. It is called the lion mark. The symbol helps to identify toys that are safe for children to use.

This symbol means that it has been taking into consideration as a sign for its reliability and safety. The Kitemark is awarded by the British Standards institution.
Warnings: When given a baby or a toddler toys adults should make sure the toy is the right size for the child, and there aren’t any sharp or choking hazard parts as this could cause unnecessary accidents and falls. Similarly age restrictions applies to some toys as each child develops at different stages so therefore adults should take into account of their child’s ability. Toys should be checked on a regular base to ensure that the toy has not developed any sharp edges or broken parts as this could cause a child some harm. Babies and toddlers tend to chew and suck toys that have been given to them, similarly it is very important to ensure they are kept clean from bacteria and disease at all times as this could cause death to a child.

1.2 Health and safety instructions on cleaning materials which may be found in the house: Warning:
When using cleaning products it is best to avoid using it without protective gloves as this is harmful to the skin and it causes irritation and if swelled it can be poisons.

* Keep out of the sight and reach of children

* Avoid contact with eyes, if in case of contact with eyes straightaway rinse with plenty of warm water and if irritation persists seek medical advice.

This sign means that the product is harmful and it causes irritation and it is dangerous. * Keep out of the reach of children
* Not breath and spray near children
* Avoid contact with eyes rise immediately with plenty warm water; seek medical advice if irritant persists.

This sign means that the product cause’s Corrosive substances attack on human tissue on contact. * Keep out of the reach of children
* Seek medical advice

This sign means that the product is poisonous and should be kept out of reach of children. Avoid contacted with eyes and rinse immediately with warm water.

1.3 Identify health and safety rules, guidelines or instructions when taking out children into the street or park | Safety rules| Or safety guidelines |
When taking children into the street | * Follow outings policy * Adult to child ratio * Name badges * Appropriate supervision * Clear instructions * First Aid Kit | * Helping children to look before cross the road/street * Highly visibility vest * Walking in pairs * Risk assessment| When taking children to the park| * clear instructions * Follow outings instructions * Name badges *...
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