Topics: Management, Morality, Ethics Pages: 4 (1361 words) Published: December 12, 2012
StrengthsWhat are my key strengths as an employee and a person? * I am very confident and able to think under pressure * I have great amount of work experience in many sectors, as I have been working since the age of 16 and in my summer breaks. * I can undertake any task given to me no matter how big or small * I am a people person and am not shy to integrate with new people | Weaknesses What are my key weaknesses as an employee and a person? * Time management, I still struggle to organise my time properly. This is mainly due to the fact that I procrastinate too much and don’t really make myself proper time tables. I do things as it comes. * I may take some tasks much more serious than others and may spend more time on one than on the other. * I sometimes give off a vibe that I’m over confident, some take this for being too arrogant * I often stress too much, and give up on what im doing. | OpportunitiesWhat are the key opportunities for my career development? * My extensive knowledge about some markets has given me an edge, I am able to relate to several sectors in the market. * Where I have worked in different sectors I have also managed to network comprehensively. Not only have I networked with people in the UK but also know people from abroad from which business ventures could be made. * The vast amount of jobs there are for UK students abroad. I shall be applying to a lot of jobs outside the UK such as Middle east, US and Canada. * The friends I have made in university. At times we have come together and thought of great ideas. At some point we could actually implement those ideas.| ThreatsWhat are the key threats to my career development? * The sudden changes in the market, and the high number of unemployment, could this affect my chances of getting a job after graduation * Anyone who has more experience than me. * The number of applicants for one job. I have been in situations where there have been over 100...
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