What Evidence Is There to Suggest That Work Experience Is Beneficial to Your Future Career?

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What evidence is there to suggest that work experience is beneficial to your future career?

This essay is focused on the study of advantages on future career brought by work experience among graduates.With the growing popularity of so called 'sandwich' courses among universities in UK and Australia, many students would like to spend several months or even one more year for the chance of working in the industry before graduation from universities. A 'sandwich' course is usually organized by institutions as a university degree course which allows students to engage in the industrial placements for six to twelve months(Highfliers Research Ltd, 2012). Other than this kind of long-term work experience, placements during the vacations lasting several weeks are also popular among students with keen competition for these places among the applicants(Highfliers Research Ltd, 2012). In US, one out of every three university graduates has been an intern according to The National Society for Experiential Education(Watson 1995,cited in Gault et al, 2000), the ratio may have increased over the past two decades.This indicates that students generally believe work experience is beneficial in certain aspects given that some of those replacements or internships are unpaid. The following would discuss the relationship between work experience and a success future career for graduates which aims to give students an insight into the benefits of gaining work experience before entering the graduation job market. The study would base on the 3 sources given including a Journal Article, a research report and a web article. Stand Out From The Crowd

To survive in the keen competition, graduates have to get noticed by the employers among million of graduates every year, showing that a bachelor degree is not the only thing they have got. According to the U.S. Labour Department, it was estimated that 18 million graduates would be competing for the 14 million college-level jobs in the year 2005(Gault et al,2000) which means that more than 4 million graduates with bachelor degree would not be able to find a college-level job since the 14 million jobs available would not be all filled by graduates that year. When a bachelor degree can no longer guarantee a proper level of employment after graduation, how can students boost their CVs to differentiate themselves from the crowd. According to the American Council on Education,9 out of 10 four-year colleges now offer some sort of structured work experience related to a student's major or career interest(Tooley 1997,cited in Gault et al,2000) .Probably obtaining work experience such as working as an intern is always the first option of many students. It doesn't matter if the job is paid or unpaid, in a local firm or abroad, for several weeks or a whole year, at least it helps you get noticed by the employer and makes you more employable. And these experience are something which really worth doing and talking about during the interview. Past experience can show that you have certain level of maturity(White,2011), as well as essential skills related to the field of job that you engaged. Some work experience are especially helpful in application of related jobs(White, 2011). It does not only show your abilities and skills in the field, but also your interest and commitment to this industry or position.

Value of Work Experience

The value of past experience in shown in the selection process of students applicants for graduate jobs.The Highfliers research reported that more than half of the employers in the survey stated that graduates with no work experience would hardly be successful to come across the selection process or get a job offer for entering the entry-level job market(Highfliers Research Ltd,2012). Employers doubted the applicants's personal efficacy in the required skills if they have no working experience.(Highfliers Research Ltd,2012). The concern is rational as...
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