Power Point for Mds 3.0 April 2012

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April 2012 MDS 3.0 Changes
Administrators and DONs of Metron
New Rules with inactivation
Scheduling Rule changes
Financial impact
Metron Strategies
Review MDS Item Coding Change

Once completed, edited, and accepted into the QIES ASAP system, providers may not change a previously completed MDS assessment as the resident’s status changes during the course of the resident’s stay – the MDS must be accurate as of the date of the ARD established by the time of the assessment.  Providers should have a process in place to ensure assessments are accurate prior to submission.  Such monitoring and documentation is a part of the provider’s responsibility to provide necessary care and services.  (continued on slide 43)

(continued from slide 42)
When the provider determines that an event date (ARD of any clinical assessment, entry date, and discharge date) or item A0310 (type of assessment) is inaccurate the provider must inactivate the record in the QIES ASAP system, then complete and submit a new MDS 3.0 record with the correct event date or type of assessment, ensuring that the clinical information is accurate. (Long-Term Care Facility Resident Assessment Instrument User’s Manual, MDS 3.0, Page 5-12.)

(continued on slide 44)

(continued from slide 43)
If the ARD or  Type of Assessment is entered incorrectly, and the provider does not correct it within the encoding period, the provider must complete and submit a new MDS 3.0 record.  In this instance a new ARD date must be established based on MDS requirements, which is the date the error is determined or later, but not earlier. The new MDS 3.0 record being submitted to replace the inactivated record must include new signatures and dates for all items based on the look-back period established by the new ARD and according to established MDS assessment completion requirements.  

(continued on slide 45)

(continued from slide 44)
Issue: A SNF is coding a 30-day assessment. Item A2300 (Assessment Reference Date) is coded as 02-04-2011, but it was supposed to be coded as 01-04-2012. This error is discovered on February 20th. Solution: The improperly coded assessment must be inactivated and a new MDS 3.0 record must be created and submitted to the QIES ASAP. The ARD on this assessment can be no earlier than February 20th. When completing the assessment, all items are to be completed according to established MDS completion guidelines for the specific assessment being completed. Remember that this includes all dates and signatures for the new MDS that is being completed. These signatures and dates must be reflective of the ARD that is established for this replacement assessment.

First Question to ask: Is the Resident still on Medicare Part A? If on Medicare Part A
Inactivate the incorrect assessment
Complete Assessment with an ARD of 2-20-12
Transmit, validate acceptance
Bill Default From 1-4-12 to 2-19-12
If no longer on Medicare Part A
From 1-4-12 to 2-19-12 are Provider Liable Days

The rule of Editing is still in place
Providing the Assessment has not been transmitted to the ASAP data base We have 7 days from the completion Z0500
To review the MDS for accuracy
We are allowed to correct any error without penalty within the 7 day Edit period Must follow Medical Record Correction rules
Assessment Compliance
ARD for unscheduled Assessments – 2 days after the unscheduled OMRA’s to set the ARD that means created in the software or placed on a hard copy MDS If the Assessment is not set within 2 days of the ARD default or Provider Liable days will occur Assessment Compliance

Early Assessment
An assessment must be completed according to the designated Medicare PPS assessment schedule. If a scheduled Medicare-required assessment or an OMRA is performed earlier than the schedule indicates (the ARD is not in the defined window),...
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