Potential Strategy

Topics: Smoking cessation, Nicotine, Nicotine patch Pages: 3 (1050 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Discussion and Conclusions
Many obstacles to my potential strategy are worth overcoming. Since the brand new policy is to add extra taxes on smoking and fining the smoking companies for their actions, then one is able to make sure that people comply or go out of business. A way to overcome the challenges is to have someone from each company represented in Congress (Kottke, RN, GH, & ML., 1988). This may mean making sure that there is someone in government that is passionate about this issue, and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that people do comply with the new law. Through this effort, fewer mistakes are made, and people are getting what they need done to make it happen by having someone speak on their behalf. Any gender can do this regardless of background (Kottke, et al., 1988).

For example, medical people are more thorough with this matter because they are required to ask the patient of smoking in the past before doing anything with him or her surgically or when an emergency arises. Because of this effort, people will live longer due to extra steps taken on behalf of the patients in the hospitals from each of the medical staff that is present to take care of them at the time (Kottke, et al., 1988).Many of the U.S. citizens will become opposed to the idea of more taxes; however, if the politician or advocate can convince them that it is for the good, then they might become okay with it. This is not going to appear easy at first. He or she will have to speak in major cities and give examples of how this new policy will help everyone in the process. This will make it difficult for everyone else who wants to smoke, which is the goal of the entire matter. Regardless, people are going to have to decide on whether or not to take part in ending smoking for the country or if there is some level of motivation for them to stop their horrible habit (Jorenby, et al., 2008). In the end, everyone will learn and see that this is something...
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