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This document was compiled by the IOSS project office and summarizes how many of the Joint Base Powell Infrastructure, Operations, and Support Services (IOSS) requirements listed in the draft PWS were acquired in the past. Each service area is briefly covered by providing information about any current initiatives/contracts, current performance problems, and stakeholder comments about any changes in projected requirements.

This document is intended to help the integrated acquisition project team 1) understand and consider the implications of how the various IOSS services requirements were procured in the past and/or are currently being procured; 2) identify potential risks involved in fulfilling the new requirements; and 3) contemplate the extent to which any existing policies and enterprise sourcing strategies might shape the acquisition strategy for this consolidated IOSS requirement.

The requested IOSS requirement for Joint Base Powell includes 10 service areas. Some of the requirements in these service areas have been fulfilled through an expiring IOSS contract and a number of the services have been fulfilled through a multitude of individual services contracts. The following table summarizes the primary past sources for each of the 10 service areas in the IOSS requirement.

Service Area| Previous Source| Contract Type|
Housing | Previous IOSS Contract| CPIF/FFP|
Transportation / Motor Pool Management | Previous IOSS Contract| CPIF/FFP| Engineering| Multiple Large and Small Businesses| Various| Janitorial/Custodial| AbilityOne & Small Businesses| FFP| Grounds Keeping / Landscaping | Multiple Small Businesses| FFP| Personnel Management and Support| Large Business| FFP|

Security Protection | Large Business| Various|
Financial Management| Large Business| FFP|
Airfield Management| Previous IOSS Contract| CPIF/FFP|
Port Support| Previous IOSS Contract| CPIF/FFP|

Four of the service areas envisioned as part of the new IOSS contract are currently being fulfilled by the expiring IOSS contract with SIP, Inc.: transportation / motor pool management, housing, airfield operations, and port operations. The current contract is a 5-year (1 base year and 4 option years) CPIF/FFP contract, and the final option year is due to expire in a little over 12 months.

Contract:| Infrastructure, Operations, Service and Support (IOSS)| Contractor:| SIP, Inc. (large business)|
NAICS Code:| 561210 |
Total Value:| $97.5M|
Type:| CPIF/FFP|
Period of Performance:| 5 years (1-year base with 4 option years)|

Below is a high-level breakdown of the cost of this contract by FY.

Appropriation| FY 20X0| FY 20X1| FY 20X2| FY 20X3| FY 20X4| Total| O&M| 18.5M| $18.9M| $19.3M| $19.7M| $21.1M| $97.5M|

Housing Services
The existing IOSS contract covers the following types of Housing Management Services:

* Housing programming and personnel placement
* Housing application management
* Housing design and renovation
* Cost estimation, budgeting, and reporting
* Pre-occupancy, pre-departure, and post-departure inspections

Transportation / Motor Pool Management Services
The existing IOSS contract covers the following Transportation / Motor Pool Management Services:

* Operate, maintain, and manage all other services for the installation’s motor vehicle pool * Basic passenger and cargo transportation, loading, and unloading services (as needed)

Airfield Management Services
The existing IOSS contract covers the following types of Airfield Management Services:

* Airfield operations staffing
* Airfield management and oversight
* Airfield inspections (daily, monthly, yearly) and reporting * Airfield use planning, scheduling, and management
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