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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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My name is Isaac kofi kwakye I was born in Accra the capital city of Ghana about twenty seven years ago. I have spent a large part of my age in the capital city although I have travelled around the country while I was still growing up. The desire for my parents to see me achieve a higher height in life led to my early enrollment in pre-school .This marked the beginning of my academic life. My academic life started slowly during high school but gained momentum in my studies which saw me receive some awards in mathematics and geography.A good performance in the final exams in high school translated in me gaining admissions into the premier university of Ghana. That is university of Ghana. I pursued an undergraduate degree in Geography and archaeology which led to the award of a Bachelors of Arts degree with a very good class. This led to the start of my career and experiences. To start with, during my final year in my undergraduate studies my class undertook a research work on the past and current life ways of a particular ethnic group in Ghana .The idea to conduct this research came with much excitement and enthusiasm since we were going to spend almost three weeks executing this .I worked in a group made of six members. We were tasked to research into the architecture of the area. We had a discussion on the strategy we were to apply, inorder to get sufficient information to enable us solve a research problem.I saw myself Introducing myself to the locals and getting them involved in an interesting discussion.By so doing I was able to gather sufficient information which was very salient for our course. Although, I had not worked much in a team, my ideas and contributions were seen by my team members to be excellent. The final day of the research was marked by a durbar in the community’s assembly hall with a sitting capacity of five hundred people. The assembly hall was almost filled to capacity. This was the...
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