An Introduction to Me

Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: March 24, 2013
College and Me
I'm not sure what I want to do when it comes to a career. This makes it hard to decide where I want to go to college. My mom wants me to go to UNCW to study criminology but I don’t know if that is what I want to do. I have been looking into UNCA because I heard that it is more accepting to allowing you to be who you are. UNCA offers all of the degrees that I might like to work toward and I love their beliefs. I do know that I want to go to a instate college so the tuition isn’t as high as going out of state. The Relaxing Me

At this moment I am actually looking for new ways to relax. Usually I listen to music or work on my computer. I also read on my Kindle to calm me. I would love to try meditating. I am trying to persuade my parents into allowing me to light candles in my room. The answer has been no so far. When I close the door to my room and turn the music up and just move, this is the best stress reliever for me. Sometimes I practice the karate that I learned when I was younger. Being alone is very relaxing to me. Nature and Me

Nature has a deep meaning for me. I love to be adventurous and walk around in the woods near my house. My Dad and I did nature walks in the area around the house until they built new houses that blocked our paths. My family loves to spend time on our boat together. Dad will stop at an island and then we will go explore it. I love to take pictures of nature. It annoys my friends and they think I am wasting my time. Once they pointed to a rock and asked, “Are you going to take its picture?” I called them jerks and walked away from them. Sports and Me

I actually do not like sports. I played soccer when I was younger but had to quit after I broke my ankle. I did not enjoy it enough to return to it when my ankle was better. I still enjoy karate, even though I don’t take lessons anymore. My least favorite sports have got to be baseball and basketball. I find both of them very boring! It is just a bunch of people...
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