Positive Effects of Online Gaming

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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Positive Efects of Online Gaming

The last two decades witness the increasing development of Internet. Online-gaming has played the most significant role in people’s daily life, Concurrently, online gaming is by far the most popular of all Internet activities,which provided many benefits to its users.There are several outcome of online gaming as followed.

1.Physical Outcome of Human Being

1.1Brain Health
One of the physical effects of online-games is“brain health”-players often play game can expand brain capacity and the thickness of cell junction in the brain, Brain fitness games is generally recognized to delay extend "the brain's adolescence". 1.2Therapeutic Applications of Online Gaming

Online gaming deliver an experience to Special group of people to be helped ,There are many cases in the real-life that the effect of the time expend in virtual world, just as spend time in real life.due to the extraordinary rules of virtual worlds enable users to establish a social network in the virtual circumstance (Lo et al., 2005), Therefore, those virtual circumstance has become a supererogatory and underlying treatment venues to psychological or physiological unable to communicate successfully with people in real life and those people could experience the feelings and to communicate with people to overcome their own defects. Bennett & Beith stated (2007)


According to de Freitas and Griffiths, online gaming plays an important role in education. Many games teach players common sense and many useful skills in their daily life.

2.1Military Training
Due to the importance of response in the real battlefield, military face an enormous challenge. In order to deal with the emergency critical situation, an advanced training role-play game program is designed. For example, using massively multiplayer online gaming to improvised explosive device (IED) training. The MMOG create a vivid context to soldiers to adapt the circumstance of war in which...
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