Politics in Advertising

Topics: Democracy, Voting, Marketing Pages: 3 (951 words) Published: January 4, 2013
Democracy is form of government where a constitution guarantees basic personal and political rights, fair and free elections and independent courts of law. Political marketing can be percieved as being not just about political advertising, also political broadcasts and electoral speeches. A wide range of political marketing includes the rise of political consumers and market intelligence. According to all these information, political marketing is beneficial for democracy because politicians advertise themselves during elections in order to positively affect voter's preferences, so citizens can clearly choose which one is much more presentable for their welfare. In this case, political marketing has both advantages and disadvantages impacts on democracy.

Political marketing is concerned with communicating with party members and media as a result of this, it has become an integral and vital component of political communication. Marketing of politics offers political parties the ability to fulfill diverse voter concerns and needs through marketing analysis, planning, and controll of political and electoral campaigns. According to researchers, the importance of distinguishing between types of political communication is noted such as radio, TV news interviews and election broadcasts. In this case, there are quite important to analyze politicians for voters because these provide politicians to reach the whole society. Hence, politicians should be aware of how they act and behave because '' political communication on behaviour and attitudes is to consider the impact on the democratic proces itself.'' ( reading4 page: 35). The main means that communication between politicians and citizens should be qualitative because politicians must keep to conventions which are known and understood by citizens. Hernce, political communication is much more crucial factor for the democratic process because politicians help the community development by using political communication...
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