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Topics: George W. Bush, American middle class, Mitt Romney Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Nick King
Professor Congalton
Hcomm 235
18 October 2012
Political Advertisement Essay
My political ad was in support of President Obama as it targeted Mitt Romney regarding his plan for america especially with taxes. The advertisement points out the problems regarding Romney's plan trying to convince the public that his plan will not benefit Americans. Governor Romney's plan is being targeted in this ad for his attempt to raise taxes for the middle class as well as well as his views on rolling back bank regulations.

As mentioned in the advertisement, Governor Romney plans to reduce taxes on the multimillionaires in america which is the top 1% of all americans. The evidence presented in this advertisement is consistent with what Governor Romney said himself on February 22,2012. " I said today that we are going to cut taxes on everyone across the country by 20 percent, even the top 1 percent". Romney plans on cutting up to $250,000 on these multimillionaires. Factcheck.org reports that under Romney's plan 99.97 percent of americans making 1 million dollars or more per year will receive a tax cut of $256,603 each. Therefore, it is visually clear that this claim in Obama's advertisement is true.

One other point made in the advertisement is that Romney plans raise taxes for the middle class. The evidence presented in President Obama's advertisement is relevant to these claims although Mitt Romney has made false statements that he doesn't plan to raise middle class taxes. Under Governor Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan's House plan, middle class americans are expected to receive a tax increase of up to $2,732 each. Factcheck.org also breaks down Romney's $4,000 tax table which shows that if Ryan's plan is implemented middle class families would be paying this much more in taxes until 2022. So although Romney may say that he does not plan to raise taxes on middle class families, his running mate does and this would be implemented if Romney were to win...
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