Politically Corrupt

Topics: Jacob Zuma, South Africa, Political corruption Pages: 3 (833 words) Published: February 10, 2013
The South African Arms Deal, finalised in 1999, became mostly known for the bribery that was used to gain the contracts. The Schabir Shaik trial arose partly from this scandal. Former National Police Commissioner and ex-President of Interpol, Jackie Selebi, was convicted on corruption charges in July 2010, for receiving money from alleged crime-syndicate boss, Glenn Agliotti. The wife of South Africa's minister of state security, Siyabonga Cwele has been arrested, charged with drug-trafficking. The Travelgate scandal, in which 40 members of parliament were found to have illegally used parliamentary travel vouchers worth R18 million for personal use. Julius Malema was convicted of hate speech on many counts as well as the more recent accusations of fraud, money laundering and racketeering; he still awaits trial aside from his expulsion from the party. Our president, Mr. Jacob Zuma has faced significant legal challenges. He was charged with rape in 2005, but was acquitted. Futhermore, he fought a long legal battle over allegations of racketeering and corruption, resulting from his financial advisor Schabir Shaik's conviction for corruption and fraud. On 6 April 2009, the National Prosecuting Authority decided to drop the charges on the basis of a legal technicality of public interference. More recently, the president is using more than R248 million for the upgrade of his private residence in Nkandla, Kwa-Zulu Natal. Sounds familiar? Good Morning Ms. Aathymoolan and class. As you may have correctly presumed, my speech is based on political corruption in South Africa. What is political corruption?

It is only natural to think of presedential elections when we think of political corruption. People or organisations with their own agendas can skew voting. They may secretly give parties big donations. Or parties and candidates can buy votes instead of winning them.But political corruption isn’t just about election rigging. It can lead politicians in office to steer...
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