Political Corruption

Topics: Political corruption, Police, Law enforcement agency Pages: 4 (1204 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Political Corruption -
Political corruption is one of the biggest problems in the United States government, but not just here in America, in other parts of the world as well. This global issue is making big headlines and it is all over the internet, yet people still don’t fully believe that U.S. politicians are corrupt. The people that are making all of the “under the table” deals have got the American people blinded with false promises. The national debt is growing and we, the people, are blaming the President, illegal immigration, and big companies importing goods but the people that are to blame are representing us right now. Corruption is defined as moral perversion or the perversion of integrity. (Dictionary.com) This definition fits many of, not only politicians but also judges, CEOs, and even public servants. Valerie Berset-Price says “Companies pay bribes to survive. If you can’t change something, join in.” (“Corruption, Democracy”) Unfortunately, this is how many companies are starting to think. Money is the source of corruption. An article in the New York Times recently reported “In 2009, a judge in Manhattan had a lucrative appointment to hand out: oversight of a diamond district building that’s was drifting into foreclosure.” Nearly 600 people in Manhattan had been approved for this job, but the job went to a lawyer named Mark D. Lebow, who is the husband of Patricia E. Harris, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s most trusted aid. Since then Mr. Lebow has earned $352,000 in fees and more than $5,000 a week, according to court records. Political connections mixed with bribes are getting people jobs that should be going to hard working Americans. Instead ordinary people are forced to do whatever they can to make the money their families need. People have been reduced to stealing copper, brass, and steel for a quick buck. Kids in the Atlanta area are using sledge hammers to break into public restrooms and take the copper. These people are going to...
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