Family Plannig

Topics: Nuclear weapon, India, Nuclear proliferation Pages: 12 (4535 words) Published: April 24, 2013
“Family planning should be made compulsory in India”
1. India, which is already facing the problem of overpopulation, will be vastly benefited, as family planning will help tremendously to curb the population growth. With lesser population to look after, the standards of living will improve. Thus the future generation will be well educated and well nourished. 2. Also, the larger the population, the greater is the pressure on the country’s environment, disturbing its natural life cycle. Population reduced by family planning will help to sustain the environment. 3. Financial resources can be diverted to other spheres of national progress, rather than being used up in coping with the ills of spiraling population growth. 1. Implementation of family planning will encourage unethical practices like abortion that are quite unacceptable in India, majority of whose population is orthodox and superstitious. Child being considered a gift of God, implementation of family planning will face not only hurdles but also a lot of resistance. 2. Premature death of the single child of a family will cease its lineage. Parents will be at a complete loss, both financially and emotionally in their old age. 3. Scientists have proved that marriages in very close relations lead to birth of unhealthy or abnormal children. Traditional in-caste marriages will be restricted to a few single children after a couple of generations of compulsory family planning, thus, leading to the birth of many an abnormal child, due to genetic inbreeding. 4. Compulsory family planning will give rise to more nuclear families. The future generation will drift away from their ancestors, losing the traditional Indian family bonding and security of a joint family. “Government should fund elections. ”

1. The root cause of corruption in our polity is the nature of elections that periodically take place. Elections are costly affairs requiring huge sums of money to contest. Political parties receive donations from the business, industrial and other pressure groups. So, they expect the members of legislatures to frame policies to suit their interests. 2. The money spent by each candidate is not honestly declared. What is declared is a small fraction of the total money that is spent. Naturally, unaccounted money or black money enters through the back door in elections, which is detrimental to the economy and politics. 3. Whenever a candidate is elected, and especially if he belongs to the ruling party, he has to prepare for contesting the next election, which means he has to resort to unfair means for acquiring wealth that results in corruption. This has a demoralizing effect on the bureaucracy. Thus elections set up a vicious circle of corruption, which permeates down to the bureaucracy corrupting the whole system. 4. The cost of contesting an election being very high, many a time, good candidates who cannot afford the expense, stay away from elections. Thus, criminal elements get to dominate in the august body of the Parliament. 1. Funding of elections by the State will not necessarily mean removal of misappropriation because the number of candidates may increase and they may keep the money to themselves by fabricating evidence of expenditure. 2. With government funding the elections, not only the number of candidates will increase in the election fray but also there is no guarantee that vested interests will still not influence prospective candidates to get future policies in their favour. 3. Funding of election by the State is no remedy to the evils with which our political parties are beset. Moral values, ethical norms and national consciousness cannot be instilled and imbibed in the minds of contestants. As State will fund the elections, frequency of elections, will further increase. 4. State funding of elections will erode the limited financial resources of our economy. Moreover, this investment will be in the nature of non-productive investment. “Hindi...
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