Policing Techniques and the Rise in Crime

Topics: Police, Crime, Criminal justice Pages: 1 (316 words) Published: October 21, 2010
Policing Techniques & the Rise in Crime

Improved policing techniques can help combat the rise in crime if the police were more involved in the communities and held community meeting on a monthly basis to talk about the crime issues that are going on in the neighborhood and discussed some solutions. They could also try to do something to make police seem less like the “bad guy” to some people and maybe do some type of public speaking in schools and prisons and get the people that are committing the crimes to realize that they can do their part in making their own community a better and safer place to live for any children they may have now and in the future.

Another thing that may help is being more respectful to people when they arrive on a scene and not be to quick to judge people and maybe if it’s a small issue try talking to the person about what is going on in their life that might of made them do what they did. They can also make the people in the community more aware of any kind of programs that may be able to help them when they are in need of such resources.

In conclusion I think if police agencies just got creative and not over think an issue they will come up with some strategies to help the problem. They should put themselves in the perspective of the criminals and come up with some of the main reasons people in their community are committing crimes and then think of some ways they may be able to help. Sometimes the solution to a problem is simpler then it may seem. They will never eliminate crime because that is just a part of life but they can decrease it if they just took the time and had the resources available to them.
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