Playing Computer Games Is a Waste of Time for Children.

Topics: Game, Play, Learning Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: October 23, 2010
It is a controversial issue that whether children should be allowed to play computer games. Some people believe that computer games have no value in the growth of children, and so, of course, children should not be allowed to play such time-wasting games. While others insist that playing computer games can help children have a better rest for relaxation and release the pressure from daily study. However, from my personal angle alone, so objective are the computer games that the impact, positive or negative, brought by playing them should be controlled by students themselves. My friend, Micheal, is a good example of this issue. He likes playing computer games online and also he has been a leader of a team with whom he has played for many years. Notwithstanding so exceedingly does he enjoy playing such games, his grades of study has never been impeded by playing them. Of course, he can manage his time and arrange his spare time. However, he always leaves some time for these games. He said that he can enjoy the success and even shape some personalities, such as sense of responsibility, patience and tolerance, during playing computer games. As a leader, he must take the duty of distributing missions, and organize the time when their team could play. For his team, every week, it takes two hours to play games online. During the process of playing, they have learned how to cooperate with others which is the essence for their success. Frankly, Micheal can use computer games to fully relax, form personalities and also make friends without forgetting his main duties. In this case, online computer games bring students some benefits if they can control them rather than be controlled. Conversely, it is undeniable that playing computer games also causes considerably negative effects on the educating students, especially the ones falling behind. Admittedly, in the computer games are fictitious worlds, giving people endless space for imagining. In such worlds, students can gain...
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