Introduction to Multimedia

Topics: Psychology, Reasoning, MySpace Pages: 2 (414 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Concern about student performance has been widespread and persistent, prompting studies about the impact of external factors (e.g., socioeconomic background) as well as internal elements (e.g., mental effort exerted) however, few studies address whether and how a student's usage of technology as a leisure occupation influences his academic achievement. For instance, earlier studies addressed the impact of video-gaming on students' academic performance. Results showed inconsistent conclusions about the immersion of the students on these online and offline games and their output. However, effect appears to depend mainly on the nature of content offered by these games, their design, and the extent of usage made by youths. While some video games provide educational content that develops reading comprehension and build up individuals' thinking and cognitive aptitude, more other video games have got aggressive content that negatively affected youths' behavior. It also depends on the time spent on game playing and on personality characters' of users. Teenagers that get addicted can be mentally hustled toward aggressive and violent reactions. However, other games would develop cognitive capabilities of youth whose reflection develops and matures with games intended for educational purpose. These games develop the spatial view and awareness of the adolescents, their attention, and concentration or also their thinking. Oriented to active concentration, reflection, and reasoning for its users, video gaming, in this case, would enhance their cognitive abilities. These days, because many students spend their free time surfing social Web sites, they express their selves, gain greater integration with their peers, easy access to new friends, and a continuous exchange of information and knowledge with their off-online friends. Social networking sites are now used mainly as an extension of the offline relationships already set. Such usage is mainly focused on...
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