Topics: Jean Piaget, Psychology, Theory of cognitive development Pages: 3 (1051 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Jean Piaget was a cognitive scientist who was academically trained in biology. He was hired to validate a standardised test of intelligence and from this became very interested in human thought. He was employed to take the age of which children answered each question correctly perfecting the norms for the IQ test. Although the wrong answers took Piagets attention and came to a conclusion that the way children think is a lot more revealing than what they know. Piaget used the methods of scientific observation, finding children’s answers ‘curious and thoughtful (Woodrich, 1997, p29)’. Piaget came up with the central thesis of cognitive theory- how children think changes with time and experience and there thinking processes affect their behaviour. In the first clip, we see how children think differently to adults but as they get older they begin to develop the same knowledge and understanding of most adults! When children were examined in this clip and asked if there was more or less of the quantity when halved and separated the younger child immediately thought there was more when the liquid was in the taller glass. When the older girl was asked which glass had more she knew that just because the taller glass appeared to have more juice it didn’t have any more than the shorter wider glass. Piaget came up with the theory that how children think changed with time and experience and their thought processes always affect their behaviour. Piaget would explain the children’s behaviour in the second clip as meeting specific goals. He suggested that in order for children to develop they needed to pass through four stages of cognitive development which would span from infancy to adolescence. Piaget was a forerunner of naturalistic observation, this approach to collecting data relies on observing individuals in their natural environment instead of being tested in a laboratory. Schemas are the term he used to describe ‘internal frameworks’ (Meussun,Conger,Kagan ,1990 P384...
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