Topics: Jean Piaget, Theory of cognitive development, Neo-Piagetian theories of cognitive development Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Irena Israilova
Understanding Children’s Development

The functional and structural approaches to play are very interesting because they did not have exact definition for the functional approach to play. It being said, the functional approach to play would be considered a child trying to evoke an action, but it is not then considered play, therefore the concept was difficult to let on. The structural approach to play was a lot more understandable, that if a child expresses an action in repetition with a varied of facial expressions that is considered as play. The four criterion for play were included as flexibility, Positive affect, nonliterality, and intrinsic motivation, but as all other things that come into factor there were more variables that considered a child at play and the diagram that revealed the gray area explained how it works.

When a child is young everything they do is to find out. Exploration and play are two very similar things that can be interchanged, but the book explains that as an experiment had been constructed when a new toy was placed in front of a child the exploration of it was much more relevant than the playfulness of it, but I’m sure it must have been followed by play after the exploration processed had passed. Play is deemed as very important in an infants progressing to a youths life.

Through play children are able to figure out who they are and the obscurities of their young lives and through the years as stated in the book the restrictions of what could be considered as allowed play and what shouldn’t be considered as play has gotten stricter. Also, as stated in the book and class as well guns have been a lot more restricted in today’s society due to a numerous amount of violence, but guns are still real. Understanding Children’s Development exclaimed how a father told a child he couldn’t play with guns because they are dangerous and the child said, but I just want to play. He clearly knew the danger and reality behind a...
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