Photoshop Tools

Topics: Color, RGB color model, WAND Pages: 2 (303 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Peiling Cai
February, 7th, 2013

|Tool |Icon |Description | |Zoom |[pic] |The Zoom Tool magnifies / reduces the image view without changing the image data. | |Hand |[pic] |The Hand Tool allows you to navigate an edited image, when it is not completely visible in | | | |its window. | |Rectangular Marquee |[pic] |The Rectangular Marquee Tool creates rectangular selections. | |Move |[pic] |The Move Tool moves/duplicates a selected image area or layer. | |Elliptical Marquee |[pic] |The Elliptical Marquee Tool creates elliptical selections. | |Magnetic Lasso |[pic] |The Magnetic Lasso Tool creates selections, automatically clinging to edges of contrast | | | |objects. | |Magic Wand |[pic] |The Magic Wand Tool selects similarly colored areas. | |Foreground, Background |[pic] |The Color box in the Tools panel displays the current foreground / background colors and | |Colour | |calls the Color Picker. | |Pencil |[pic] |Pencil is a freehand painting tool. Unlike Brush, it can't have soft edges. | |Line |[pic] |The Line Tool creates line shapes and paths (shape outlines). | |Paint Bucket |[pic] |The Paint Bucket Tool fills...
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