Photo Assignments

Topics: Photography, Macro photography, Color Pages: 4 (1363 words) Published: April 22, 2013
1. Create at least three “stock images.” You may wish to browse a stock site online to see the types of images that are popular. For example, you might take a picture of a person cooking or a picture of a food item. 2. Early photographers took portraits of people. Practice taking portraits of someone. Submit at least two portrait photographs of the person. 3. The ability to create a color photograph was an important point in the history of photography. Practice taking some color photographs. Submit three of your favorite color photographs.

1. Practice taking some nighttime photographs using what you learned in the unit. Submit two of the photographs that you took. 2. Find a scene or object that you’d like to photograph. Take the photograph using three different modes on your camera (even ones that wouldn’t be ideal for the photograph, such as a landscape mode for a macro shot). Identify which modes you used when you submit the photographs. 3. Take several photographs of the same scene, but change the aperture setting for each photograph. Submit three photographs with different aperture settings. (Be sure to note which settings you used.) 4. Take several photographs of the same moving object, but change the shutter speed setting for each photograph (the object could be players on a soccer field, a waterfall, a pet, etc.). Submit three photographs with different shutter speed settings. Be sure to note which shutter speed settings you used. 5. Choose one camera mode and practice taking photographs that the mode is best used for. Submit three photographs that you took using the particular mode. The photographs do not need to be of the same subject.

1. Practice using the Rule of Thirds to compose some photographs. Submit three of the photographs that you think best illustrate the Rule of Thirds. 2. Practice using the guideline of filling the frame. Submit three photographs that you think best illustrate this guideline. 3. Practice taking pictures of...
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