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  • Published : September 12, 2012
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Plan a night photo-shoot anywhere in the world. Tell me where you would photograph and what your subject would be. What considerations would you have to make in terms of the shutter speed and aperture? What challenges might the scene present (i.e., artificial lighting, moving objects, etc.)

If I had to choose the best place I would want to do a photot shoot at, it would have to be Two Lovers Point in Guam. Two Lovers Point is a beautiful cliff on the island that is frighteningly huge and a straight drop off that goes hundreds of feet down until you meet the water and sharp rocks underneath, and the legend behind the beautiful name is that a very long time ago two young teens fell in love but they were from different villages that didnt like each other and they were banned from seeing each other, so in an act of pure love and complete desperation they met at the cliff and said their goodbyes and after tieing their hair together they jumped off the cliff to their death. I have always been intrigued by this story and the fact that is a real life Romeo and Juliet love story makes it all the better. Some people say that after a big storm you can see big rocks come falling away from the cliffs face and from a distance it looks almost like the lovers jumping to their deaths. I would love to be able to get a picture of this beautiful cliff and be far enough away that the image can capture the sheer size of it, while also being close enough that perhaps I could catch a falling rock in the process as a sybol of the two lovers commitment and sacrifice and an image of one of the most beautiful things you could ever imagine and the fact that it would be at night would give the scenery an almost eery feel because of the hieght of the cliff and the story behind it and it would make it even better. For this I believe I would have to have a pretty fast shutter speed and adjust the aperature to as crisp as I can make it because of the size of the landscape I am trying to convey...
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