Photography Portfolio Essay

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  • Published : May 31, 2013
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Photography Portfolio Essay
In photography you learn a lot, and your creativity shows in your work. There are a lot of rules, and elements that are important for your photo to be unique and different because no picture is alike. Many photos have different contrast, different rules, different elements or different subjects and backgrounds. But all of those things make up a photo. In my photo, there is a background but it is blurred focusing in onto the candle which is the main subject of this photo. I chose my existing light photo because it has several elements, one of which is the texture. The texture, or difference in color between which side of the candle is away from the sun and which is to the sun. My existing light photo has several variations of colors, through black and white of course. The lightest is the fire on the wick of the candle. Making the fire look as if its moving. The reflection on the candle’s glass gives the photo more life, it isn’t so boring or plain. With this picture i feel like i have greatly improved with photography. In the beginning of the semester i had no idea what i was doing. I did not realize there was so much more to taking pictures than just pressing a button. I’ve learned several rules, elements, what good contrast is, and what bad contrast is. I can say I have a greater understanding with taking photos. I may even pay more attention to what i’m doing when taking them. Better focus, lighting, contrast, elements when taking photos. I’ve noticed the type of photos i take are usually simple with soft lighting. I like taking pictures of almost anything like animals, nature or maybe even objects around the house. With photography you can simply turn the most boring object in your house into something beautiful, just with good lighting. I’ve learned that a good photo takes time. You will almost never get a good picture on the first try. Photography is simple, and fun. You just have to know what you’re doing. I enjoy...
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