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This is not an original idea, but so few ideas are anymore. While it may be a well used tactic, it can be very effective. I’ve played around with this technique a few times and it is one that when done decently will almost always get a “wow!” or at least a “huh, wait, what?” It is easy to do as well. It requires Photoshop, or if you are fundamentally against paying $600 for software you can download GIMP. I’ve used Photoshop for this one, so if using GIMP, you will need to translate these steps into GIMP-speak which shouldn’t be too hard.

Okay, our goal is to appear to be floating, or hovering so unless you’re an accomplished zen levitation master, you will need to take two pictures to create the illusion.

You will need:
•Something to stand, sit, lay on
•Friends to show off to

Start with a tripod. Frame your scene and get your exposure set. I suggest using manual so that you’re exposure settings don’t shift from one pic to the next. Also, establish focus for where you will be and disable your auto focus (otherwise you run the risk of the area in focus being different between the two images).

First, you want to take a picture of the scene without you or your prop in it. This will be your background image. When you get it composed to where you like it, fire a shot off. Don’t touch the camera other than to set the self timer if you do not have it set up to be remotely triggered.

framing the background image

Next, use a ladder, box, bucket or anything stable enough to hold your weight and set it up in the scene making sure you leave enough room between you and the surface you will be floating above in the image to give the illusion of just hanging there.

a secret revealed

Now you have both your background image and an exact duplicate image with you and the thing that you are going to erase leaving you levitating. 1.Open both images in Photoshop and with both images open on the desktop, drag...
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