Topics: John Travolta, Greystone Airport, Academy Award for Best Actor Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: April 12, 2013
This is the six o’clock news.
Ten workers have been rescued from an accident 400 feet beneath the streets of London. They had spent the past 36 hours trapped underground. They had been digging a tunnel for a new Underground line when the roof collapsed. Sixty men managed to escape immediately, but two were fatally injured. Last night the ten men were recovering in hospital. An investigation into the cause of the accident is due to start tomorrow.

Three children who had been missing for two days have been found safe and well. The three ten-year-olds, two boys and a girl, disappeared after school on Wednesday. Police had issued photographs of the three, and had been searching nearby houses. They were eventually spotted by a neighbour, who alerted the police. They said they had slept out in a garden shed for a dare and hadn't realized the concern they had caused.

Jumbolair - home of jet pilot John Travolta
Welcome to JUMBOLAIR, Florida - the world's only housing estate where the super-rich can commute to work by jet plane from their own front doors. Jumbolair's most famous resident is Hollywood film star John Travolta, whose $3.5 million mansion is big enough to park a row of aeroplanes, including a Gulfstream executive jet, a two-seater jet fighter, and a four-engined Boeing 707, previously owned by Frank Sinatra. Travolta holds a commercial pilot's licence, which means he is qualified to fly passenger jets. He can land his planes and taxi them up to his front gates. His sumptuous Florida home, which is built in the style of an airport terminal building, is the ultimate boys' fantasy house made real. As well as the parking lots for the jets, there is a heliport, swimming pool and gym, stables for 75 horses, and of course a 1.4- mile runway. Family man Travolta, who lives with wife Kelly, daughter Ella Bleu, and aptly named son Jett, flies daily from his home when filming. Walking out of his door and into the cockpit, he is airborne in minutes. His...
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