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  • Published : July 19, 2012
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Position and Synthesis Essay Shell
AP Position and Synthesis Essay Writing Shell
This is a "shell" to get your essay started.  Think of it as your essay underwear-I'm giving you the basics (socks, unmentionables) so that you're not "running naked" on the day of the AP exam.  However, you will "dress" your essay and create your own writing style and quality analysis.  Dress to impress! Introduction: Addresses the prompt. Considers the counterargument (some choose to make this an additional paragraph). Clear thesis with three main ideas listed from weakest to strongest.  Ø  Indeed, television may provide benefits to children such as educational learning. However, television is detrimental to today’s youth because it causes harmful health effects, destructive social behaviors, and poor academic performance. 1st Body Paragraph: Initially, explain first idea (strong!) of thesis.  For example, provide specific example.  So What? Elaborate.  Likewise, provide evidence of second example.  So What? Elaborate.  Additionally, provide evidence of third example.  So What? Elaborate. 2nd Body Paragraph: Furthermore, second idea (stronger!) of thesis.  For instance, provide specific example.  So What? Elaborate.  Similarly, provide second example.  So What? Elaborate. Moreover, provide evidence of third example. So What? Elaborate. 3rd Body Paragraph: Ultimately, third idea (strongest!) in thesis.  In particular, list specific example. So What? Elaborate.  Specifically, list second example.  So What? Elaborate. In addition, provide evidence of third example.  So What? Elaborate. Conclusion: Granted, restate main idea of counterargument.  Nevertheless, restate thesis.  If you have brain cells left, try to incorporate a rhetorical strategy (rhetorical question, analogy, parallelism, etc.)
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