Personal Statement: Studying Science

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  • Published : January 2, 2013
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I have always been interested in Science and its associated subjects from infancy. It is no surprise I have exceptional interest in studying Diagnostic Radiography due to its practical science nature. My curiosity in practical science grew after my first dispersion of light by a triangular prism experiment. As a child, I was curious about the formation of rainbow and tried to workout how the rainbow is formed. My desire for science made me reject an offer from one of the prestigious colleges in Ghana to study Business to one of the deprived areas in Ghana to study Science. Studying Science in Ghana with shortage of teachers and limited resources did not deter me from studying hard and eventually graduating as the best Science Student from my college. Furthermore, I represented the college in the National Science and Mathematics Quiz program.

My decision to study Diagnostic Radiography is as a result of an experience I had with my Aunt. Due to the advancement in medical imaging, she was timely diagnosed with a life threatening tumour and successfully treated. This experience encouraged me to research on medical imaging and I enjoyed reading the facts about the accidental discovery of X-rays by Professor Roentgen and its use in medical imaging from the early 1900's, the development in medical imaging over the century including Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Fluoroscopy, Ultrasound and Angiography. I also applied for a days work experience in the Radiology Department at Croydon University Hospital. I had the opportunity to see the different equipments in the various medical imaging departments including MRI, Ultrasound, Fluoroscopy and X-ray tubes. I had no doubt that I would like to be Diagnostic Radiographer after the work experience as I became more motivated.

I feel my Science background and the experience gained over the years through work will help me succeed in university education and eventually graduate in this technical speciality...
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