Description of Scientific Interests

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  • Published : May 17, 2013
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Description of Scientific Interests
Environmental Technology and Energy Technology, the two strongly connected, and very much socially relevant interdisciplinary fields have inspired me a lot right from my school days. My bachelors and masters in the broad fields of Biotechnology & Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology & Bio-reaction Engineering, respectively, have prepared me well enough for pursuing further in the fields of Environmental Technology and Energy Technology.

I have been very much interested in solid waste management and waste water management. In the past, during my Bachelors program, I had interned at Milma, the pioneer dairy establishment in Kerala, established under the National Dairy Development Board, and Poabs Envirotech Private limited (PEPL), Trivandrum, the first, unique plant (with a capacity to handle 300 TPD) in the whole of India having the facility to process Municipal Solid Waste into organic Bio-manure. The work at these two places dealt with waste water management and solid waste management, respectively, within urban areas. I had a chance to work on activated sludge treatment plants, rotating biological contractors, trickling filters, anaerobic digestion units, composting techniques, and bio-gas production units. All these information gained during my bachelors helped me understand how important environmental engineering and technology are to the mankind. Though traditionally, mostly civil engineering followed by chemical engineering courses included environment and related subjects in their curriculum, I realized that the modern day problems posed to environmental engineers are diverse and demands interdisciplinary knowledge. My area of interest being biochemical engineering, I took up a MS (by Research) program at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, premier technical institute in India for my masters. Here also I joined the Department of Biotechnology, as I was very much interested in learning about and applying the...
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