Personal Skills and Qualities

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Personal skills and qualities --Students aged 16 – 19 Students are asked to discuss the difference between skills and qualities. They then list their own skills and qualities and give examples of situations in which they have used them. Finally they look at real job vacancies and identify which skills and qualities are likely to be required. To present the students with a clearer selfconcept as a basis for selecting a career. 60 minutes Photocopier; job advertisements from local/national newspapers

Pedagogical aim: Time: Resources needed:

Personal Skills and Qualities Teacher Notes 1. Ask the class to brainstorm what they think: a) a personal skill is – and give an example b) a personal quality is – and give an example c) why are personal skills and qualities important – and to whom? d) go through the list of skills and qualities (each student has a list in their pack) and explain any words that students are not familiar with 2. Ask students, working individually, to complete the personal profile sheet. They need to state their four strongest personal skills and qualities and give examples of when they have used them i.e. justify their statements. 3. Divide the class into small groups. Give each group the a set of 4 sheets of jobs and ask the groups to identify and write down as many personal skills and qualities as possible that employers have stated they require from applicants. Ask the groups to feedback their answers and discuss the findings.

Teachers Notes – Answers

1a. A personal skill is the ability to do something – see skills and qualities answer sheet for list of examples. 1b. A personal quality is a characteristic - see skills and qualities answer sheet for list of examples. 1c. Personal skills and qualities are important to employers, colleges, work based learning providers and universities. Many application forms now ask people to state their skills and...
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