Personal Responsibility Essay Research

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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What is personal responsibility?

Perhaps personal responsibility is to accept the choice that we have made in our life and the consequences that arise from those actions, not blaming others, which avoid responsibility of them. There always seems to be everyone else’s faults, but ours, instead of accepting the responsibility and seeing it as a learning lesson. Accepting personal Responsibilities is the hardest thing we have to make in our life, and in this life we have to understand that we are responsibilities for the choices we make. Perhaps personal responsibility is defined by taking actions while accepting the consequences that arise from those actions. 

When I was listening to Anthony Robbins tape recordings ‘Thirty days to personal power’ in which he asked, “do you know of somebody that knows what they should be doing with their life, but don’t?” He continues that taking action is the only way in which we can shape our destiny. Yet again, that comes with discipline, and getting ourselves to take actions by deciding to do so. He emphasizes that what changes our life is “making decisions and using Personal Power, which is our ability to take consistent action.” To succeed in life, and achieve our goals we first must establish a high sense of commitment and that comes with personal responsibility. Time for example, must be prioritized efficiently and effectively and in consistent manner. Furthermore, setting goals is not enough; one must remain focused and steady without losing sight.   For Example, my personal responsibility was to go back to school in order to provide a better future of my self and my family, and this is and was my dream. In turn, this will allow me to earn a higher pay and not struggle as I would without and education. Succeeding, to me, is very important and my willingness to accomplish my goals is well-identified head of time.

However, juggling college, a career, and my personal life, at times, can be very stressful. People...
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