Personal Learning Management

Topics: Psychology, Brain, Computer programming Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: August 27, 2012
Learning and Periodic Review
As time progresses people assimilate massive amounts of information. Everything that you hear, smell, see, touch, and taste is filed away and stored. Even decades later it is possible for the human brain to recall an event. These apparently random recollections are usually trigged by the smallest event. The smell of apple pie will bring to mind your grandmother that had passed away 30 years ago, the sound of an airplane reminds you of the first time you ever flew. Unfortunately, for most people, the ability to readily call information to mind at need seems to fade with time. One of the time proven methods for keeping information stored in the forefront of your mind is to periodically review the needed information. The development of this program is in an effort to assist the common man stay on top of his game by allowing the opportunity to review information that the user deems important.

The information that is important to each individual person is as different as the people that need that information. With many programs that are in existence it seems that there is a preset amount of information that was deemed necessary by the individual company that produced the program. I would assume that the company developed the program based on some sort of guidelines that were provided by a higher learning or scholastic entity. This appears to be the problem for no two people have the same learning curves or the same information recall patterns. What is easy for one person to remember may or may not be the same the next.

What I propose is an application that would allow the individual the ability to input the information that they feel that is pertinent and that they feel that they need to constantly review. This will all be in an effort to create the means to tailor a learning program to the user and to get away from the “cookie cutter” learning applications that exist in the world. The data or information that will be...
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