Personal Leadership Plan

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Personal Leadership Plan

Melanie Bowden


April 3, 2011
Seanee Alexander

Personal Leadership Plan

I would like to work at a local social service agency. Social services perform a lot of tasks for a lot of people. An ethical leader has to set the tone for the whole organization. Through components as such as communication, quality, collaboration, succession planning, and tenure an organizations ethical standards are in place (Work Force Management, 2003). With the standards set by the leader of an organization the same will be required of its subordinates. Social services is an agency that helps meet the vital needs a community without an ethical leader in place there could be an opportunity for an “immoral use of tremendous power (Ethical Communication, para.1).”

As the director of social services I would have a great deal of responsibilities. My first responsibility would be to the people in need. To not only do o further harm, but to help make things better for them. As a leader I would need to employ people and train them with the common mission of helping people reach their goals and their needs as much as our agency will allow (National Organization for Human Services, 1996). To protect the privacy, dignity, and integrity of all we serve by helping them meet their basic daily needs (National Organization for Human Services, 1996).

As a leader I would also have a responsibility to the community. I would need to be aware of current and changing laws and social policies as they would affect those whom I serve (National Organization for Human Services, 1996). Human service professionals recognize unmet needs especially of the underprivileged and or minority populations who are at risk for being underserved. I would also need to be aware of my own cultural backgrounds, beliefs, and values, and how it pertains to my job as human service professional.

Lastly I would have a responsibility as colleague and employer. As a...
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