Locating and Integrating State Laws and Ethical Codes

Topics: Family therapy, Ethics, Psychotherapy Pages: 1 (1195 words) Published: September 9, 2012
Locating and Integrating State Laws and Ethical Codes

Locating and Integrating State Laws and Ethical Codes
I was able to locate the current ethical standards with the American Counseling Association on my desk. An individual can locate a copy of these standards at this website: http://www.counseling.org/resources/codeofethics/TP/home/ct2.aspx. This version was published in 2005 and the next revision is up to the Ethics Revision Task Force. In addition I also have a copy of the American Mental Health Counselors Association Code of ethics. The website is: http://www.amhca.org/. Once at the website, you can look under about AMHCA for a link to the code of ethics or use the following URL: https://www.amhca.org/assets/news/AMHCA_Code_of_Ethics_2010_w_pagination_cxd_51110.pdf. The code can then be downloaded and saved for future reference. The AHCA was adopted in 1979, and was recently revised in 2011. Finally, I also use the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics. This website can be found at: http://www.naswdc.org/pubs/code/default.asp. This was originally approved by the 1996 NASW Delegate Assembly and was revised in 2008. All of these websites allow an individual to subscribe, which would allow an individual to stay on top of any new developments of changes to current publications. For the state of Ohio an individual can locate laws and rules at: http://cswmft.ohio.gov/pdfs/4757.pdf. This was updated on September 29, 2011. To stay informed of any updates or changes an individual can bookmark and refer to the following website: http://www.cswmft.ohio.gov/. At any time an individual would have a question about a particular rule or law they may also contact the state, and their contact information is listed on the website. Another resource that helps individuals stay informed is SWELI. SWELI is Social Work Ethics and Law Institute. They have pertinent updates on legal and ethical information. They even have a Facebook page to help individual...
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