Department of Human Services Code of Conduct

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  • Published : January 3, 2013
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Department of Human Services Code of Ethics
Rebecca Metz
October 17, 2012
Eric Landis

Department of Human Services Code of Ethics
In this paper the Code of Ethics from the Department of Human Services will be discussed. General information about the company, the company’s mission statement, the type of ethical system used by the company and how and when the company uses it will be talked about. Thoughts of why the company may need to modify their existing code of ethics will be included, reactions to the code of ethics that employees and managers may have and the acceptance of the code of ethics within the company and affects it has. “The mission of the Department of Human Services is to help individuals and families achieve safety, independence and self-sufficiency through the provision of professional, fiscally responsible quality human services in a progressive, collaborative and customer service oriented environment” (, 2012, P.1). The Department of Human Services is a corporation where the “basic needs of all are met in an environment of independence and dignity that affords opportunities for a better quality of life as determined by individual choice” (, 2012, P.2). This company helps individuals obtain government services for support and help while those individuals are trying to better their selves. Department of Human Services vows to protect its clients from abuse, neglect, maltreatment and exploitation. DHS staff must deal with the public with courtesy and professionalism. Relativistic ethics takes a part in the Department of Human Services because this type of ethics can be used positively to effect change in the law or negatively as a means to attempt justification for wrongdoing. Some people forge information enable to get food stamps or Tenncare, if they are caught they can be punished by going to jail, depending on the extends of the forgery, or can be penalized in the...
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