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Environmental and Factor Paper
Kim Fisher
May 16, 2012
Dr. Harry Caldwell

Environmental and Factor Paper
FedEx Corporation is an organization that works to conduct business both domestic and globally. This organization has built there organization globally and has succeeded in the market by having FedEx Corporation, Grounds, Express, Freight, and Services are all over the world. The influence that this organization has demonstrated with their services has marked them to be a worldwide organization that has the needs to serve people (FedEx, 1995-2012). This environmental paper will emphasis on the FedEx Corporation as an organization who’s domestic and global marketing decisions are affected by environmental factors. This paper will specific areas such as the high level of domestic and global environmental factors that may impact the organization’s marketing decisions and the impact of technology also on the marketing decisions will be addressed. This paper will also conclude with the analyzing the importance of social responsibility and ethics as related to FedEx Corporation marketing legal obligations as well as having a connection politically and advancing to the high demands. Global Economic Interdependence and Effect of Trade Practices and Agreements Global economic interdependence and the trade practices and agreements have a large influence on the overall business. As a result, people depend on other people to produce most of the goods and services. With maintaining some order there must be a degree of economic independence. This is a matter of getting people involved all over the world while marketing certain new products of service. Different trade practices can ultimately increase business opportunity’s to sustain a solid business. This builds relationships all over the world with agreements to conduct business together (R. Kerin, 2011). Importance of Demographics and Physical Infrastructure

Demographics and physical infrastructure are major factors with FedEx Corporation. The demographics include the gender, race, age, disabilities and employment status. The average age of a population may decrease over a time (R. Kerin, 2011). FedEx Corporation works to satisfy all demographics that pertain to any customers and businesses worldwide with a broad band of transportation, e-commerce, and financial services. The physical infrastructure attributes pertain to the basic structure of the organization. The FedEx has express distribution, ground services, freight, and also internet services. That usually focuses on high areas of business. FedEx have a chain of operations that focus in on business needs as well as the consumer’s needs. There are many different chains FedEx Grounds, FedEx Express, FedEx Office, FedEx Freight, and FedEx Services that provide full service operations on the ground, air, ocean, train and parcel direct (FedEx, 1995-2012). The organization has designed these different services to mark the overall business and consumer needs. * Influence of Cultural Differences

* The cultural differences influence the importance to the diversity efforts that this organization works to satisfy all people and safety. The cultural differences within this organization have worked as a benefit to the organizations. Many of the FedEx Services work to have a mixture of different cultures in the workplace. This works to even help the different business throughout the world; As well as the unfamiliar culture differences with the FedEx workers. With this aspect employees learn from each other. Being that communication is a one major factor of cultural differences. Most of all many people are different based on all types of religion and environment’s where they live (R. Kerin, 2011). * Importance of Social Responsibility and Ethics versus Legal Obligations Social responsibility’ and ethics versus legal obligations are imperative toward following different rules and procedures that aim toward...
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