Pepsi Story

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  • Published : June 2, 2011
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The story of PEPSI

In 1899, pharmacist Celeb Bradham started the company known as „Brad's drink” in New Jersey. He discovered new drink in his pharmacy and decides to launch it in the market. At this time, he had no registered brand name, which turned out to be positive, as he soon realized that his company needs another name In 1902 the brand name was registered, one year after incorporating „Pepsi Cola Company”. In 1905 Pepsi had first logo change. Than it has been changing several times, always to fit better the market and consumers' needs. The company suffered from financial problems, which resulted in going bankrupt in 1923. after few years, mergers and looses Pepsi goes bankrupt again. Not long afterward, the founder of Pepsi-Cola dies, in 1934. In 1962 the new logo is introduced. It's not the Pepsi-Cola name any more. Pepsi came up with new idea, round shape, red, white and blue, with PEPSI written on it, that would fit another new idea - the Pepsi Generation. That Pepsi changed the round logo again several times, to came up finally with the current one. The changes were subtle, but they ensured giving the logo a more fresh look. It was keeping the brand alive.

The advertisement story

In1950, as the consumers' demand shifted, Pepsi introduced new image, as an economy drink. It was crucial in after-war years. People valued simpleness and cared about economy a lot. New slogan „The right refreshment” took old ones place - „More bounce for once”

In 1962 is time for change. Pepsi abandoned traditional logo of Pepsi Cola and introduced one more modern. This is the time for Pepsi generation. Pepsi encouraged consumers to „Think young”. As the result, millions identified themselves as a part of this generation – New Pepsi Generation. Following the „New generation” strategy, Pepsi introduced „The choice of New Generation” slogan. It aimed at attracting young people, who enjoy being special and feel...
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