The Marketing Plan for the Health Pure Fruits Drinks

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  • Published: December 8, 2012
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or The Marketing Plan for the Health Pure Fruits Drinks
Pepsi, as one of the most successful drinks brands, has more than 100 years’ history since it established. At the beginning of Pepsi, it was made by a pharmacist to treat stomach illness in 1898. Nowadays, PepsiCo is an international corporation within more than One hundred and forty thousand employees around two hundreds countries. During the evolution of Pepsi, it insisted consistently on its marketing position which concentrates on the youth market. As a coordination of the target market, Pepsi had to permeate fresh element into the production continually to attract younger customers’ attention. Instead of increased the production of traditional product, PepsiCo has created several business in other domains. The branches of PepsiCo are close to one hundred companies, which include fast-food restaurants, Pepsi Drink Company, Transport Company and Sports goods Company. In face of the threat and challenge by the competitor such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi had to expand the product category in its drink production. As yet, Pepsi has its carbonated beverage series, Tropicana pure premium, and instant tea series. During the fierce market competition, Pepsi regarded its advertisement as the key to win. As a spread of the company brand concept, Pepsi chosen football and music field to be its brand foundation and the culture carrier of enterprise. Through the celebrity effect, the enterprise vitality and Product image development of Pepsi was performed adequately. Now, Pepsi obtained its breakthrough relied on the powerful media communication and huge star team support. Nowadays, the biggest competitor Coca-Cola has created a great many different series in it carbonated beverages. In the purpose of contend with Coca-cola, Pepsi is going to develop more types of product.

Current Marketing Situation
Pepsi-Cola Company’s main product is carbonated drink; now, the company will launch functional pure fruit...
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