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Career: Pediatrician
Pediatricians are physicians specialize in the care of young people from new borns to adolescents. They are involved in diagnosing and treating injuries, infections, and diseases among young patients, as well as counseling them through difficult times and situations, such as puberty and family problems. Because they deal with children and teenagers, pediatricians are likely to encounter certain diseases and problems such as asthma, lead poisoning, allergies, acne, and drug abuse (Career Cruising). I want to become a pediatrician because of the salary, but most importantly because I’ve always loved to work with children and teenagers.

A pediatrician’s responsibilities are similar to other physicians. Their first duty is to diagnose illness; they do this by combining physical exams and special tests, such as x-rays or blood tests. Then they recommend treatment programs. Their treatment programs can involve medication, surgery, rehabilitation, or advice about exercise and nutrition. A large part of a pediatrician’s job is to educate parents about their children’s health and help them deal with behavioral issues that may have little to do with illness (Career Cruising).

The cost of education is always rising. It is no longer feasible to pay for this education without loans and grants so that many doctors in training are also working simultaneously to pay back the borrowed money, and even after training ends doctors are often in large debt to these educational loans. Some join public services in order to work off the loans and some doctors join the armed services for the same purpose and work public health hospitals. The actual cost varies from school to school, but it is not unusual for a graduate to owe $100,000 or more for their education. Salaries depend on specialty within pediatrics through the usual range for general pediatrics is $75,000 to $150,000 per year. No one chooses pediatrics for the money; it is among the lowest paid of...
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