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  • Published : August 15, 2012
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Indoor Hockey
1. List the main rules of indoor hockey. Explain what each of these rules mean. Teams: - Six players on court & up to six inter-changing substitutes. Substitutions can only be made when the ball has crossed the backline; when a goal has been scored; at half time; or to replace an injured player (with the umpire's permission). Each team must nominate a goalkeeper. Note: Substitutions are not permitted during a penalty corner.

PLAYING THE BALL: - The ball may only be played by the use of a push, flick or scoop stroke.
Both the stick & the ball must be on the floor when the ball is played. The stick shall be placed on or near the ball & must be on the floor for the full duration of forward movement to the ball.

The reverse stick push, flick & scoop strokes are permitted provided the stick is on the floor at the start its forward movement to the ball.Hitting the ball is not permitted.
PUSHING THE BALL: - Stick shall be on the floor & placed near the ball before pushing.
Swinging at the ball (including the "slapshot") is not permitted.
PASSOFF: -No player of either side may cross centre line before ball is played. Players of opposing team must be at least 3 metres from ball. The ball may be played in any direction.
PUSHOUT: - Restarts game after ball has passed unintentionally over backline. May be taken from anywhere inside circle.
No member of attacking team may remain inside the circle.
OFFSIDE: -There is no off-side in indoor hockey.
However, no player may stand inside their opponent's goal, or run behind the goals. 3 METRE RULE: - At a penalty, no player of offending team may remain within 3m of the ball. For a penalty awarded within 3m of circle, other than the player taking the penalty, no player from either side shall stand within 3m of the ball. RAISED BALL: - Except for a shot for goal, the ball shall not be raised off the floor. If, in attempting to trap, the ball is raised slightly...
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