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|No. |Title |Page | |1 |Introduction to PDAF |2 | |2 |My Learning Experience in PDAF |3 | |3 |Reflections on My Career Journey |4 | |4 |My Career Development Plan | | |5 |List of References | | |6 |Appendices | | |6.1 |Appendix 1 - Belbin's Team | | | |Roles | | |6.2 |Appendix 2 - Job Motivation | | |6.3 |Appendix 3 - Myers-Briggs Type | | | |Indicator (MBTI) | | |6.4 |Appendix 4 - Careers | | |6.5 |Appendix 5 - Job Adverts | | |6.6 |Appendix 6 - Draft CV | | |6.7 |Appendix 7 - Draft SAF | |

Introduction to PDAF

Personal Development in Accounting and Finance (PDAF) is a module that relates the journey, or process of personal and career development. This module enable me to know more about myself, my future, identify my strengths and weaknesses, improve my key skills to assess the needs of employers, design targeted CVs and complete application forms effectively and learn to have a successful interview.

This unit consists of seven brief individual presentations done in groups:

Presentation 1 - Belbin's Team Roles, talk about what team role do I normally adopt in workplace?

Presentation 2 - Job Motivation, find out where do my interests and values come from? Who influenced me most? Do I choose the right career choice?

Presentation 3 - Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), find out what is my MBTI personality type and what are the strengths and weaknesses?

Presentation 4 - Careers, reviewing various sources of career information, and what have I discovered about different employer groups and industry sectors? What are the skills they asking for?

Presentation 5 - Job Adverts, find from various sources, and what job ideas have I generated? How do they match my skills?

Presentation 6 - Draft CV, produce this for apply the job I have chosen. How did I choose the format, layout, and content of my CV. and what are the problems when designing?

Presentation 7 - Draft SAF, complete this in draft format, and which part of the form did I find difficult to complete?

My Learning Experience in PDAF

Reflections on My Career Journey...
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