Critically Exploring Professional Practice

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This piece of essay on critical professional biography will among other things, state the meaning of a professional biography, purpose of my professional biography, discuss my entry into the field of nursing, examination of my career pathway in relation to Nursing and Midwifery Council`s domains of Competency Framework-professional values, communication and interpersonal skills, nursing practice and decision-making, leadership management and team-working. I will also discuss my professional development plan, what to improve on in my current role and the lessons learnt from the Critically Exploring Professional Practice module.

* Meaning of a professional biography
* Purpose of my professional biography
* My entry into the field of nursing
* Career Pathway/trajectory
* My professional development plan
-Self-assessment / reflection (SWOT Analysis)
-Career goals
-Current preparation
* Lessons from Critically Exploring Professional Practice * References

Meaning of a Professional Biography
A professional biography is a clear and brief story of one`s career, training, career accomplishments, goals/expectations, plans and development (Wheatman,2012). It highlights one`s personal and professional attributes and sets one apart.

Purpose of My Professional Biography
The purpose of my professional biography is to enable me reflect on my professional practice; highlight my career progression and goals. This will enable me to critically examine both myself and my professional life. According to Wheatman (2011), a professional biography gives an overview of one`s career achievements and successes while also serving as an assessment tool. Also, to use this biography as a baseline for my future personal and professional development and planning.

Entry into the field of nursing
My entry into the field of nursing can be likened to the journey of a thirsty man who walked into a shop to get a bottle of water to quench his thirst but ended up doing this with a bottle of beer. On graduation from the High School in 2012, I wanted to study Medicine and Surgery. This desire was informed by my passion for helping others especially the sick and also to save lives. Medical doctors support, care for and reinstate health by diagnosing and treating illnesses and physical ailments (Woolley, 2011). I could not realise this dream as I lost several opportunities to gain admission to the university at the record time due to bureaucratic bottlenecks involved in the admission processes in Nigerian Universities. These challenges range from inadequate carrying capacity of the universities, inadequate facilities, poor financing, shortage of academic staff and defective education curriculum (Aluede, 2012). However, the parental/ family influence on me led to my finally accepting a place in the university to study nursing, a profession I never wished to study. I never thought of studying nursing because I had hitherto believed that nursing was meant for only women. Surprisingly, contrary to my initial belief, the first set of trained individuals to provide nursing care were men who were guided by male physicians during the Hippocratic period of ancient Greece (Christman, 1998; Davis & Bartfay, 2001). I later accepted the offer to study nursing, on the consideration that it is a profession that involves caring for the sick, helping them lead an independent life. Nursing involves alleviating human suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human responses, protection and preservation of health and prevention of injuries and illness (ANA, 2013).Nursing also includes advocacy in the care of not only the sick but also individuals, families, communities and populations. This role is therefore in line with my passion.

The Bachelors of Nursing programme in my country, Nigeria, lasts five years...
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