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Table of Contents


Significant Life Experiences2, 3

Analysis of Accomplishments4, 5

Inventory of Skills and Competencies6

Work Philosophy and Goals7

Resume8, 9

Sample of Work10

Credentials, Certificates, Workshops 11, 12, 13

Appendix 14


The Career Development Portfolio I am submitting exhibits hours of self-assessment and documentation. The purpose of this portfolio is to highlight my strengths, skills and competencies in order to gain college credit for a class that I have completed at Cleveland Community College under the guidance of Professor Margaret Gillikin.

I recently decided to pursue a career as a state inspector for the cosmetology industry. I wish to continue my education so that I might have personal growth and development and excel in this new field. I would like to obtain a position with a company that will utilize my managerial skills, knowledge and experience of the salon industry. My objective is to obtain my two year degree in business to assist me in my goals.

This portfolio contains:

Significant Life Experiences

Analysis of Accomplishments

Inventory of Skills and Competencies

Work Philosophy and Goals


Samples of Work

Credentials, Certificates, Workshops


Significant Life Experiences

Developed a love for horses and learned to ride at the age of 5 and by age 13 entered my first rodeo.

At age 17 was abducted at a public library during daylight. Was not physically harmed, but had to overcome my fears and nightmares, and the process of court to seek justice. Went through intensive therapy and hypnosis.

1993 promoted to Customer Service Manager at Food Lion. I had started this job at the bottom and was able to work my way up.

May 1993, married high school sweetheart. Divorced 2 years later. I was still not able to completely cope with my kidnapping because of being forced to deal with courts and an additional kidnapping of another girl. Husband was not able to handle my need for my parent’s assurance and guidance during this time.

Met the love of my life, Carter York in 1995 and became pregnant with my first child, Cheyenne. My daughter is one of my greatest accomplishments.

In January, 1999, Carter and I married at a wedding chapel in Tennessee, after living together since Cheyenne’s birth. This would be the 2nd greatest moment of my life. I knew this was my soul mate for life.

In November 1999, my 3rd biggest accomplishment came into this world, my daughter LeighAnn.

I decided to make a career change and had always been interested in becoming a hair stylist. I enrolled in Contemporary Hair Styling Academy in Shelby, N.C. in 2000.

I attained a full-time job as a hair stylist before I received my degree from American Hair Salon Academy in Gastonia, N.C. in 2001.

After acquiring a wealth of knowledge and experience in just a short amount of time, I left the salon after only a year to help manage a new salon in Boiling Springs. I would spend the next 6 years there. During this time, I owned the salon for a period of time.

Both my maternal and paternal grandmother whom I was very close to all my live passed away in February and March of 2006. It was a difficult time. My father had also been diagnosed with kidney caner around this time. It truly tested my faith, but brought my family even closer.

In February, 2008, I decided to make a location change to further expand my cliental and expand my working experience.

Analysis of Accomplishments

My love for horses was definitely nurtured by my parents who have always strived to expose me to different ideas, cultural differences and have been the backbone of my success. I now own a...
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