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  • Published : January 15, 2013
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1. Using the stakeholder typology model, identify and describe the important stakeholders for PCA in relation to the privacy issue. What is the nature of their claim? Discuss whether and how the company chooses to respond to these claims.

Introduction: it has been proved that it is crucial for organisations to communicate with their stakeholders that could develop and protect their reputation. And managers need to think very strategically about their business overall and how they can effectively communicate with their stakeholders, such as customers, investors, employees, members of communities in which the organization operates (Cornelissen, 2011). To the Peanut Corporate of American (PCA), which produced blanched, split, granulated, roasted peanuts and also peanuts butter and so on, sell peanut products to other manufacturers rather than consumers directly, its stakeholders could be customers who buy the peanut products, investors who invest on PCA, for example, shareholders, employees who work for the company and suppliers who provide materials that company needs, government political groups who set regulations on the company trade associations who are related to trade issues. The following figure is the model of stakeholders in strategic management.

Governments investors political groups
Suppliers organization customers
Trade associations employees communities

The stakeholder management recognizes the mutual dependencies between organizations and various stakeholder groups- groups that are affected by the operations and performance. Any group or individual who have legitimate interests in the organization should be considered as stakeholders which can affects and be affected by the achievement of the organization’s purpose and objectives. According to the material about PCA, a lot types of stakeh olders appeared. Equity stakes, the direct ‘ownership’ of PCA, Rupert Parnell. Economic or market stakes,...
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